Growth Up – A Book for Those Feeling Lost in Their Careers

The fluctuations in interest rates by the U.S. Federal Reserve—how does that relate to my home or car purchase?

How do wealthy families accumulate wealth, and what can ordinary people apply?

Why do some remain poor while others grow richer?

Is there a way for an average person to cross the class divide and enter the world of affluence? (Besides becoming a silver screen star or superstar athlete)

Is Bill Gates’ daughter truly leading a simple life?

How does the second law of thermodynamics relate to everyday life?

Why does Donald Trump relentlessly attack the U.S. Federal Reserve on Twitter?

Is the Nobel Prize in Economics merely validating what a village elder already knows?

And beyond all this, do you know who your true opponent is? Not knowing your adversary, lacking aspirations, and being uncertain about the future—are these not challenges we all face daily?

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Why should you read Growth Up?

At age 25, you may feel lost and directionless, but remember, you’re still young with abundant opportunities. Leap into new ventures without hesitation. However, at age 35, it’s different. Aging parents depend on you, young children look up to you, and the whole family relies on your income. Yet, you lack time for learning and self-improvement. Laziness creeps in, employers perceive you as “aged,” and flexibility diminishes. You might even find yourself thrown back into the job market unexpectedly (don’t assume your company is immune to downturns or layoffs; even government agencies are embracing privatization). But fear not — Growth Up offers solutions.

If you read Growth Up at the age of 25, congratulations, you’re fortunate. If you read it at age 35, there’s still opportunity for you. This book doesn’t contain the typical chicken soup-style inspirational writing or preachy maxims. Instead, it presents truth, essence, and solutions. Whether you choose to read it or wait for the harsh job market to lay you off is entirely up to you. Reading it and taking action, or laughing it off and being lazy, are both within your rights. Society will label the lazy ones accordingly. In summary, consider reading Growth Up before your colleagues do, and take immediate action.

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