Payment Policy

There are 3 forms of payment, customers can choose the most convenient and suitable form for themselves:

Method 1: Pay cash directly to our address

Method 2: Payment on delivery (COD), customers view the goods at home, pay cash to the delivery staff.

Method 3: Transfer money in advance. You transfer money first, then we proceed with delivery according to agreement or contract with you

Account holder: Công ty CP Truyền thông và Xuất bản Amak

Account number: 03001010552506 ngân hàng Maritime Bank


· Note

The content of the transfer clearly states your full name and the item to be transferred to. After transferring, we will contact to confirm and proceed with delivery. If after the agreed time we do not deliver or do not respond, you can send a complaint directly to the headquarters address and request compensation if you can prove that the delay affects your business. yours.

For customers wishing to purchase large quantities for business or wholesale, please contact us directly for a reasonable price policy. And the payment will be made according to the contract.

We are committed to transparent, legal business, selling quality and original products