About Us

AMAK BOOKS is an office publication of X.Y.Z Joint Stock Company

Amak Books, has now become an independent book label belonging to company X.Y.Z. We are proud to be one of the brand pioneers in the field of copyright policy in Vietnam.

Over the years, with the efforts and contributions of our staff, the dynamism and enthusiasm of our collaborators, AMAK BOOKS has become a trustworthy book brand with a good reputation for all domestic and foreign partners.

The publication we are representing makes us a regular choice for all young Vietnamese readers. With growing capabilities, resources and a wide distribution system, we aim to expand reading culture in Vietnam as well as contribute to providing rich knowledge, cultural and spiritual values ​​for readers. our fake.

Entering a new phase of development, we aim to build a strong core from the quality of each product and service for our readers. With the principle of responsibility and passion for creating true value, we always want to maintain cooperation with existing partners and look for new partners in the future to create publishing quality that promotes excellence. best cultural knowledge to Vietnamese readers.

With the slogan: “BOOKS ARE YOUR FRIEND”. We are looking forward to becoming a good companion of readers on the journey to conquer knowledge, for the sustainable development of the company.