Amakbooks Participates in the 7th Japan Wave Festival

The 7th edition of the Japan Wave Festival took place on February 11-12, 2023, at Savico Megamall Long Bien, Hanoi. The festival, with its grand scale, provided an immersive experience of various aspects of Japanese culture.

As a familiar partner of Japan Wave, Amakbooks showcased a collection of manga and Japanese literature published by Amakbooks, contributing to the dissemination of knowledge. Additionally, it created a platform for readers of all ages to connect, exchange, and promote reading habits within the community.

At Japan Wave 7, the Amakbooks booth featured hundreds of discounted titles ranging from 30% to 70%. Alongside these offerings were enticing gifts for orders, such as posters, exclusive tickets, and more. Furthermore, there were special booths with books priced as low as 9,000 VND, specifically for rare and older titles not commonly found in the market.

Here are some images from the Amakbooks booth at Japan Wave.

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