Niên Hoa – Love at Sunset

Niên Hoa* is the love story of two brothers as they enter middle age. One might think that everything would lose its intensity, its sweetness… but no, this is an entirely different love story.
*The phrase “Niên hoa tố cẩm” translates to “Life is beautiful and worth living” in English.

The love of twilight

Separated by fifteen years, Thẩm Lạc returns to “reclaim” his spouse. The days of youthful dreams are long gone, the beautiful years of youth spent apart… without each other. Even though he missed out on fifteen passionate years, it’s not too late for Niên Hoa – the love at sunset.

Thẩm Lạc went abroad to study under a false identity, concealing his wounds and losses. His family discovered his affection for a same-sex partner, labeling it as an illness and forcing him into treatment. Two painful years later, he chose to abandon his life… At this point, the family agreed to let him go abroad with the condition that he wouldn’t return unless he was fully cured. He chose “never to return.”

Niên Hoa - Tinh yêu của ánh hoàng hôn

Fifteen years have passed, the world has changed, society has become more open-minded, and the family realizes their past mistakes. They want him to come back, to accept his true self. In the relentless passage of time, Thẩm Lạc overcame that phase with unwavering faith in the sole light of his life, Hạ Nhất Dương.

Hạ Nhất DươngThẩm Lạc’s love, is the light, the vibrant flower, the years of youth, and the future. During their college days, Thẩm Lạc’s gaze always followed Hạ Nhất Dương. The conflicts, the discomfort during their youth, were merely veils for his silent love. He was shy, tender-hearted, and regretful for not confessing to Thẩm Lạc sooner, wasting fifteen precious years.

Thẩm Lạc and Hạ Nhất Dương’s love isn’t passionate like a storm, nor tumultuous like raging waves… Instead, their love, after fifteen years, has become gentle, simple, and tender, yet not devoid of longing and bitterness – the love at sunset. Thẩm Lạc’s approach to “reclaiming” his love is straightforward, unadorned, and remarkably effective.

The twilight, not dazzling or extravagant, carries a warm and peaceful hue. Everyone needs a home, a place of tranquility, and a warm meal after a tiring day of work. Aspiring for happiness, yearning to be together forever, even after enduring long years and vast distances, cannot prevent the ultimate fulfillment.

Thẩm Lạc and Hạ Nhất Dương, who cherished each other in their youth, spent years apart during their vibrant youth, only to hold hands and journey together until the end of their lives.

Source: Góc nhỏ của Mon

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