Review: Date A Live – The must-read best-selling light novels

Date A Live is one of the best-selling light novels in Japan and is currently beloved by young readers in Vietnam.

The series not only opens up a fantastical world like other supernatural light novels but also develops characters with humor, intrigue, and the peculiar emotions of adolescence. This uniqueness captivates readers. Date A Live is considered a fresh and modern story with mysterious and ancient elements.


Shidou, a studious young man, unexpectedly encounters a mysterious girl during a catastrophic spatial quake

This girl is a “Spirit,” supernatural beings responsible for these destructive events. From that moment, Shidou’s life takes an unexpected turn—one he never imagined.

Previously, Shido Itsuka and his adorable sister, Kotori, led ordinary lives like other students. However, when Shido meets Princess, a Spirit harboring immense power and threatening Earth, everything changes. In a split second, Shidou becomes entranced by this ethereal being. Behind her innocent appearance lies the ability to annihilate all life on Earth.

To Shidou’s surprise, his beloved sister, whom he cherishes like an egg, is the commander of a Spirit protection team. Their duty involves sealing the Spirits’ powers through a kiss. But there’s a catch: Shido’s sister cannot perform this crucial task. A cleverly orchestrated situation leaves Shidou with no choice but to accept his sister’s proposal. And so begins Shidou’s journey to assemble his own harem.


Every kiss is an unforgettable journey

Encountering Spirits has never been easy for the young man Shidou. There are moments when he feels fear upon meeting these ethereal female beings. Shidou understands that Spirits are, in fact, pure-hearted girls who harbor no ill intentions or desire to harm anyone. However, due to their immense, uncontrollable power, they inadvertently cause catastrophic consequences.

Shidou realizes that only he possesses the ability to save the Spirits. To obtain a kiss from a Spirit, he must befriend them, assist them, and love them. With unwavering determination and compassion for others, Shidou tirelessly rescues the Spirits, even if it puts himself in danger. Sometimes readers chuckle at Shidou’s awkward attempts to court these otherworldly beings.


Date A Live has an interesting twist: in Japan, the anime adaptation aired in its entirety before the final volume of the light novel was published. As a result, viewers could discern the ongoing journey of sealing the Spirits’ powers. However, this didn’t diminish the appeal of the light novel. On the contrary, some readers believe that the anime fell short of fully conveying the emotions the author expressed through every written word.

– Source: FAHASA

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