Sasaki and Miyano – A delightful high school romance story that warms the heart

Sasaki and Miyano is a delightful high school romance story that warms the heart. Let’s dive into the details.

The title itself, “Sasaki to Miyano,” clearly introduces the main characters. Sasaki Shuumei is an older student known for his mischievous behavior, friendly demeanor, and frequent laughter. On the other hand, Miyano Yoshikazu is a more feminine-looking underclassman who proudly identifies as a “fudanshi” (a male fan of yaoi manga).

Sasaki và Miyano

t’s quite unusual for a non-yaoi fan to read BL (Boys’ Love) manga, but that’s precisely what happens. Initially, Miyano reads BL manga just to observe Miyano’s enthusiastic expressions when discussing scenes from the stories he enjoys. Over time, this borrowing-and-discussing routine becomes a habit for the two. Despite not having each other’s contact information for nearly two years, they continue their conversations during breaks or after school.

Even the smallest details bring joy. For instance: Sasaki’s initial lack of expressive emotions surprises Miyano. Sasaki appears aloof and reserved, but everything changes when he meets someone special. Suddenly, he becomes a cheerful person who affectionately calls Miyano “Myaa-chan.” Miyano’s moments of contemplation, especially when imagining scenarios where he confronts Sasaki, are endearing.

Sasaki and Miyano beautifully captures the gradual shift from friendship to something deeper, all within the context of a heartwarming and humorous high school setting. 🌸

When they went to the amusement park, something special happened. Since their group consisted of five people, they split into two smaller groups of two and three whenever they played games. Throughout the day, Sasaki and Miyano stuck together, creating an atmosphere that no one else could penetrate. Just before they went on the swing ride, a friend suggested playing rock-paper-scissors to rearrange the groups. However, fate had other plans: Sasaki and Miyano ended up as a pair on the swing ride. And thus, we witnessed a classic moment of obliviousness from the couple.

Sasaki và Miyano

“Long-fostered feelings are incredibly precious.” Indeed, observing how their emotions gradually bloomed for each other warmed my heart. From the older student harboring feelings for Miyano to the careful consideration Miyano gave to Sasaki’s confession, every step of their journey felt genuine. And then came the moment when Miyano realized the budding affection within him, rushing to find the person he loved and pouring out his feelings.

I adore Sasaki. His attempts to restrain himself from getting too close to the person he likes, just to spare Miyano any discomfort, are endearing. His occasional bouts of jealousy are equally captivating. Whether he hastily grabs Miyano’s hand to prevent him from accidentally touching another girl or frets about treating the person he likes gently, Sasaki’s actions reveal his caring nature. And those unexpected flirtatious lines? They momentarily leave both my heart and Miyano’s fluttering. Like Miyano, I’m enamored by Sasaki’s cool yet utterly adorable demeanor.

I also like Miyano. The way you value your senior’s confession and spend so much time thinking about it, even though your perspective is that you don’t want any romantic involvement with men. You even imagine a future where you’re 50 years old, fearing that Sasaki might no longer like you because your youthful appearance has aged. Yes, it’s the way you handle things normally after receiving a confession—no running away or avoiding anything—that I truly admire. Furthermore, your genuine concern for Sasaki is heartwarming. Just before the school festival, when Sasaki fell ill, our Miyano searched the entire medical room for a thermometer and took care of his senior. When Sasaki asked why you did it, you replied matter-of-factly, “Because I want to take care of you.”

Sasaki, you’ve helped Miyano overcome his self-consciousness about his appearance. As a result, he gained confidence and found joy participating in the Cross-Dressing Contest. And for Miyano, he’s brought more smiles to Sasaki’s face, to the point where Sasaki laughs so hard he clutches his stomach. All of this, set against the backdrop of our school life, carries an endearing innocence and charm.

Source: Hydrangea – FTOUR2020

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