Sơn Trà Đỏ – Is This Feeling… Love or Desire?

Sơn Trà Đỏ tells a timeless story of a solitary young man who discovers a red-haired demon. He nurtures and cares for the little demon named Aka, but one day, out of concern for Aka’s fate and the complexities of the relationship between humans and demons, he is forced to return Aka to the mountains. As time passes, the lingering emotions in Sakichi’s heart drive him to the mountains in search of Aka, where he encounters…

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Sơn Trà Đỏ is a tale that depicts a slow-burning romance and the emotions between humans and demons, two species unable to understand each other’s language.

What will be the outcome of this love story? Will it be a long and challenging journey, or will the love between them bloom into vibrant red camellias?

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Sakichi and Aka, two different species, unable to understand each other’s language, can only speculate about each other’s thoughts. Sakichi views Aka with the heart of a human, someone whose appearance is constrained, and he always hopes for Aka’s freedom. Meanwhile, under the gaze of a demon, Aka fears that he will harm Sakichi, much like the butterfly back then accidentally torn into a hundred pieces. Thus, in Sakichi, the hope for Aka’s freedom and the desire to be by his side constantly conflict. Aka comes and goes, disappearing into that winter, leaving Sakichi with the promise he made. Because he is waiting, waiting for a day when he has no connection to that place, waiting until both understand the words: ‘I love you.’

Sơn Trà Đỏ Original Title: Akitsubaki Author: Rokuju Mita

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