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CANDY – Shou Harusono Art Collection

250.000 Đ

Cover of the artbook is printed on 200gsm Couche paper, with a velvet cover and smooth gold foil for the text and decorative bubbles. It also features a unique embossed character design on the front cover.

The interior of the artbook is printed entirely in color on thick, non-transparent 150gsm Couche paper, providing vibrant colors and the perfect reading experience for readers.

  • Standard edition: 01 Pop-up Card “YOUTH.”
  • Special edition: 01 Pop-up Card “YOUTH,” a set of 4 SWEET MEMORIES postcards (13x18cm) with colorful holographic coating, 01 double-sided A4 clearfile “DAY AND NIGHT,” 01 A3 poster “TAISHO,” and a large DONUTS badge (16cm in diameter) with a display stand for decoration
Release: 10 June, 2024

CANDY - Shou Harusono Art Collection

CANDY - Shou Harusono Art Collection is an artbook featuring illustrations by the author Shou Harusono, specifically curated for dedicated fans of the “Sasaki and Miyano” series, as well as “Hirano and Kagiura.” It also includes behind-the-scenes stories related to the creative process for these two manga series. Here are the highlights:

🍭 Cover Art and Initial Sketches: The book compiles cover illustrations and full-color pages, along with the initial sketches for both popular titles: “Sasaki and Miyano” (both the manga and novel versions) and “Hirano and Kagiura.” Additionally, it features some other works by Harusono.

🍭 Special Occasion Art: You’ll find commemorative artwork, including images originally used as exclusive gifts accompanying individual volumes in bookstores, as well as promotional materials in Japan.

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🍭 Series Beginnings: Explore the early storyboards and initial drafts for the “Sasaki and Miyano” series, previously shared on the author’s personal page.

🍭 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets: Delve into small, secret stories—illustrations and author comments—found in the margins of the manuscript while Harusono was working on “Sasaki and Miyano.”

🍭 Detailed Q&A: Get detailed answers from Harusono, the first editor, and the current editor of the series, as they respond to questions from beloved readers.

🍭 Special Notes: Most of the illustrations come with meticulous Vietnamese translations by the Amak team, providing deeper insights into the stories behind each artwork.

Don’t miss out on this vibrant artbook that captures the essence of youth, centered around sweet and endearing characters— CANDY!