Self-Healing Ability

99.000 Đ
Release: 1 September, 2021

Self-Healing Ability

“At night, I often struggle to sleep, tormented by countless worries. I want to forget everything, but it’s impossible. The next morning, I wake up feeling groggy and mentally burdened, then I have to endure a day in a fog of fatigue. This cycle repeats, and I feel like I’m going crazy.”

Does this story sound familiar to you? We often see people around us or even ourselves troubled by similar issues.

Whenever we face challenges in life, stumble in difficulties, endure ridicule from others, or lose faith, what should we do? Should we give up and let things get worse? Certainly not. What we need to do is heal the shattered trust, rise from adversity, learn from failures, and keep moving forward. To become resilient, we must nurture our “self-healing ability” after every wound and pain.


Temporary failure doesn’t mean permanent defeat, and fleeting success doesn’t guarantee everlasting triumph. So don’t fear failure and obstacles, and don’t dread the wounds they inflict. Instead, actively seek methods to heal. After all, once healed, those scars become a sturdy “armor” protecting you.

This book has been widely published by Amakbooks.