Bìa ngoài Hoa Hoa

Panda Huahua

160.000 Đ
Release: 11 November, 2023

Panda Huahua

The name of that little panda girl is Hehua, but she is more commonly known by her nickname, Hua Hua, Gualai.

She has a cute and adorable appearance.

Her personality is optimistic and cheerful.

She treats everyone with calmness and tolerance…

But above all, her carefree attitude towards life and love for living brings positive energy to all of us.

Tưởng Lâm is renowned as an author who specializes in writing about pandas. In Panda Huahua, we not only read small stories revolving around the little star “Gualai” and her famous family, but also discover new knowledge and memorable events related to the large panda clan. Everything is conveyed in a vivid and captivating manner.

Here, we find a beloved Hoa Hoa, and glimpse the essence of life that we always aspire to.

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