Date A Live Encore – Volume 4

108.000 Đ

bookmark bế hình, 1 mini artbook.

Release: 23 August, 1970

Author: Koushi Tachibana

Translator: Tài Thịnh

Book size: 13x18cm

Number of pages: 332 pages

ISBN: 978-604-359-031-9

Publisher: NXB Hà Nội

Included gifts:

  • Regular edition: Ribbon-shaped bookmark, 1 mini artbook. Cover price: 108,000 VND
  • Boxset edition: Ribbon-shaped bookmark, 1 mini artbook, A3 poster, 1 Yoshino badge, 1 nametag with strap, official Kadokawa sticker, accessory storage magnet box. Cover price: 258,000 VND

Release date: 10/06/2022

Date A Live Encore 4

Now──let the girls' personal war, commence!

Tohka challenges for a part-time job in a bunny girl appearance!? Yoshino is active as the agent of an undercover mission!? And then, the forbidden 'Origami Normalize Project' is put into operation. The Spirits' private life is being revealed one after another!!

“Hello everyone, it’s been a while. This is Koushi Tachibana speaking.

This time, I’d like to present to you, dear readers, ‘Date a Live Encore Volume 4’ with the cover featuring our young commander.

Since it’s an ‘Encore,’ this volume consists entirely of short stories. However, the short chapters in this volume were not published in Dragon Magazine as usual; they are an additional gift for the Blu-ray & DVD version of the ‘Date a Live’ anime. Therefore, the timeline in the stories only extends up to the end of anime season 1, which corresponds to the fourth volume of the main series.”

— Excerpt from Tachibana Koushi’s note.