Satoshi no seishun

120.000 Đ
Release: 10 October, 2021

Satoshi no seishun | 聖の青春

This is a story about the youthful years of the shogi prodigy Murayama Satoshi.

Living and relentlessly battling with kidney disease since childhood, Satoshi’s life was cut short by cancer, lasting only 29 brief years. Yet those were years filled with passion and intense emotions, reflecting the purity of an innocent soul. Throughout his short life, Satoshi’s fierce love for shogi and his burning desire to become a master served as the wings that lifted him above physical and mental pain, allowing him to soar into the deep blue sky.

Over 20 years have passed since Satoshi’s heart stopped beating, but his resilience and love for humanity, life, and shogi continue to resonate strongly even today.