Bìa Gấu trúc Manh Lan

Panda Menglan

180.000 Đ
Release: 21 July, 2024

Panda Menglan

Live in Beijing, enjoying special allowances from the state, has an active, open-minded personality, rich in emotions, and stands at a high of nine meters. With countless devoted fans, Menglan is a one-of-a-kind panda, but he only focuses on escaping, causing great concern.

Menglan, the panda, is a heart warming story about the journey to maturity of a resilient and determined panda who turns suffering into sweetness. We hope this book brings you warmth and healing, instilling confidence in the path you’ve chosen to move forward.


  • Author: Tống Lâm
  • Translator: Thất công tử
  • Genre: Animal literature, healing
  • Book size: 14.5x20.5 cm
  • Number of pages: 192 color pages
  • ISBN: 978-604-40-1726-6
  • Publisher: NXB Dân Trí
  • Additional gift: The book is printed on smooth Ford paper, with a special new binding method that allows the book to open 180 degrees for a more complete view of Panda Menglan.
  • Available editions:
    • Standard Edition - 180,000 VND: Includes 01 popsicle stick-shaped bookmark (7x14 cm), 01 bookmark (15x7 cm) with admission to the Beijing Zoo Panda Garden, 01 photostrip (5x15 cm) featuring Manh Lan, 02 postcards (10x15 cm), and 02 stickers (10x15 cm). Limited to the first 500 Standard Edition copies: Includes an additional round handheld fan (20 cm in diameter).
    • Deluxe Edition - 230,000 VND: Includes the same items as the Standard Edition, plus a board game set with a double-sided A3 map (one side for movement, the other for game instructions) and a foamex sheet with 3 mini standees and circular bases (14x20 cm) for playing the board game, along with a die.
    • Royal Edition - 380,000 VND: A sturdy magnetic box set including the same items as the Deluxe Edition, along with a set of 10 corner-cut cards featuring royal characters, a durable phone stand, a round mouse pad (20 cm in diameter), and an A3 poster.

Release date: 21/07/2024.

Enjoy the heart warming tale of Panda Menglan, the extraordinary panda!

Gấu trúc Manh Lan