One Room Angel

75.000 Đ
Release: 6 April, 2021

One Room Angel

The life of Kouki (30 years old), a part-time convenience store employee, is merely a string of struggles. One day, he absentmindedly allows himself to be stabbed by a thug. In the moment dangerously close to death, as his consciousness fades, he glimpses a “guardian angel” with beautifully pristine white wings.

Kouki assumes this angel has come to escort him. However, after completing his treatment and returning home, the angel appears before him once again…

This profoundly touching story weaves together light and darkness in life. One Room Angel, considered the pinnacle of author Harada’s creative career, ranked first in the BEST COMIC BL AWARD 2020. It will be delivered to Vietnamese readers by Amak on April 6th📖🌟