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How To Make Our World

99.000 Đ

The book has a special edition featuring:

  • Double-sided cover: The front cover is adorned with a dazzling hologram, while the back cover is smooth velvet.
  • A 7x9 cm chibi bookmark.
  • A set of “Youth” cards, including a holographic background card and two clear cards (10x15 cm).
Release: 21 June, 2024

How To Make Our World

Three teenagers, each at the tender age of 17, carry their own unique stories, filled with pain and struggle:

  1. Vương Tử Khiêm: The “hot boy” of the class, always wearing a smile that endears him to everyone.
  2. Lộ Thư Phàm: Quiet, introverted, and mysterious—a lone wolf in the class.
  3. Lưu Tâm Đồng: A member of the girls’ group, yet often invisible among her peers.

Behind their smiles, tears, and silent care lies a complex web of emotions—gentle waves of innocence mixed with tumultuous storms.

At first glance, their lives seem straightforward, but in reality, they are anything but simple. As they navigate the path to adulthood, these three youths stumble and fall repeatedly, bruising themselves on the threshold of age 18.

Before scars become permanent, they must confront life’s most challenging multiple-choice question:

“When faced with the pain of ‘living on’ or ‘dying,’ which answer will you choose?”

Feel free to explore the depths of their emotions and decisions as they grapple with growing up.

How To Make Our World is a Taiwanese comic that will bring you a fresh breeze full of youthful breath and gentle healing.