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A Tale of Thousand Stars

269.000 Đ

Includes 2 main story volumes & special editions (not sold separately), 2 bookmarks, 1 postcard, and 1 two-layer spine box. Comes with a free A3 poster for the first 1000 orders (1 of 2 random designs).

Release: 25 October, 2023

In an unfortunate mishap, a volunteer teacher's heart is transplanted to Tian. Tian learns about her life from a series of diary entries, including her secrets and passions. Her promise to soldier Phupha to count a thousand stars with him is one of them. Tian then decides to complete her fantasy by following in her footsteps. He tries to make friends with Phupha with the help of Tian, another volunteer teacher.

Phupha, on the other hand, has an icy demeanor. Tian's heart beats quickly around the military officer as the two slowly get closer. While, like his previous owner, he begins to fall for him.

Can they keep their promise of a thousand stars, though, because the area is warlike and dangerous?