2gether – Vol. 2

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Release: 22 August, 1970

2gether – Vol. 2

My name is Tine (a super chic guy), and I’ve gone out with all kinds of girls.

A nerdy girl, a cute, innocent girl, or even a super grouchy girl.

But then my joyous life has to come to a stop when the mighty god in the form of university admission sends me to a northern university where I get to meet…

“Tine, Teepakorn, first-year Law student, I like you!”

Just the beginning of the first semester, someone already confesses to me.

Am I surprised? Am I excited? Nah. Well, I’m such a cool guy, you know.

But am I horrified? Hell yes! Because the one who just confessed to me is a dude!!

My heart…

The mission to shake off this huge gay dude out of my chic life starts with finding someone hella hot to be my fake boyfriend.

And nobody fits the role as much as Sarawat, the nation’s husband of our university.

But things aren’t as easy as I expected. This guy is a pain in the ass. He’s playing hard to get, not cooperating with me.

Ha, I won’t give up that easily! Constant dropping wears away a stone. I’ll stick with him like a suckerfish. Just wait and see!

But…as I’m pestering him, why the heck is my super chic heart starting to flutter when I’m with this straight-faced dude...?

AMAK is pleased to bring readers the second volume of 2gether – also the final volume – of the BL (Boys’ Love) series. This series was adapted into a popular 2020 film that took the world by storm.