2gether - Tập 1

2gether – Vol. 1

169.000 Đ
Release: 22 August, 1970

2gether - Vol. 1

2gether is an adaptation of the novel of the same name by JittiRain and was one of the sensational series in 2020. The show’s popularity and the chemistry between the main couple spread across Asia, achieving remarkable milestones such as the Maya Awards for the most beloved TV series and the Couple of the Year award. Adding a little breeze to that storm, Amakbooks proudly brings you the famous 2gether story.

2gether - Tập 1

Our novel, 2gether - vol 1, revolves around Tine, a trendy and skilled player in the realm of romance. However, when he steps into the university, he receives an unprecedented surprise: a confession from another guy. The only person who can rescue him from this awkward situation is none other than the heartthrob, the nation’s husband, Sarawat. But this handsome man doesn’t seem willing to cooperate; the closer they get, the more he teases and acts stubborn.

Oh, what should Tine do now? Don’t expect him to give up, even in the face of such a challenge!